BM Rain Rail

Even nature doesn't rain better!

By studying many sprinkler systems over the last years, we experienced that distribution of water is far from optimal in most cases.

Some parts of the ground (especially in case of overlapping) are too wet and other parts remain too dry, like the outside of the track. And finally, this is the part which is mostly ridden.

That's the reason why we have manufactured the "BM Rain Rail".

The BM Rain Rail is installed in the ridge of the building and it moves automatically along the long side of the arena, by which it creates a water curtain over the whole width of the riding surface.
The sprinklers of the BM Rain Rail are computer-controlled to ensure a correct irrigation.

By this, all parts of the surface are equally irrigated, which results in an equal stability over the whole surface.
No more ground which is too loose or too wet.

Your horse will experience the same stability everywhere and it will certainly feel safer. As a result, your horse's performance will increase.

Give your surface the appropriate irrigation system with this sublime BM Rain Rail!

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