BM Service lunging arenas

On horses of any age or level of experience, lunging is used to exercise a horse when it cannot be ridden or when additional work is needed to develop balance, rhythm and to improve the horse's gaits.

A lunging arena is the ideal place to do groundwork and train young horses. It's important that there is perfect balance between stability, resilience and usage.

Our lunging arenas are developed with the gratest care and consideration of it's purpose. BM Service offers different types, based on the usage and the climatic conditions.



Horse paddocks are small enclosures used to keep horses. The most common design provides an area for exercise and is often situated near the stables. Larger paddocks may have grass maintained in them, but many are dirt or a similar natural surface. In those cases drainage and a top layer of sand are often used to keep a suitable surface in the paddock.

Characteristics of a good paddock:
* Horses standing dry, no mud to the knees
* Not slippery
* Weather independent
* Good drainage

BM Service developed perfect paddocks, consisting of different layers. We also create paddocks that can be used as an arena. So a multi purpose paddock.