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Redfield Farm is also very enthusiastic about the quality of their arena, built by BM Service.


Redfield Farm, located in Ocala, USA, is a big stable where dozens of horses are trained every day. This requires a prepared soil, suitable for all the seasons and the climate.

  1. Emil, can you please introduce yourself, including RedField Farm?

I am Emil Spadone owner of Redfield Farm. We have four locations, two in Ocala, Florida and two in Califon, New Jersey, spending six months of the year in each state. Redfield is a Hunter/Jumper boarding, training, sales and breeding facility. In Ocala we have all aspects of our business operating between the two facilities, Redfield Farm and Redfield breeding.

  1. Can you describe the activities of Redfield Farm?

We are a boarding, training, sales and breeding stable that frequents top level shows with our client horses and sales horses.

  1. Bart, is there a difference to make an arena in Florida or in Europe?

First of all I would like to start by saying that I was honored to realize an arena in Florida for a professional stable like Redfield Farm. The  most important for me is to listen to my clients in order to determinate their specific needs. For a client like Mr Spadone, it’s really important that he is able to use the arena at all times. The climate in Florida can be quite extreme, this means that one moment you could have pouring rain and the next moment the sun comes out and the temperature rises again quickly.

  1. Emil, how did you heard about BM Service? Where did you meet Bart Manderveld?

BM Service came highly recommended through my friends and business associates in Europe, mainly Stal Hendrix. Plus I’ve been to the facility in Belgium called Sentower showgrounds that BM Service did both indoor and outdoor arenas for. I was introduced to Bart Manderveld by my friend Michel Hendrix.

  1. What was the reason you choose a Belgian company, namely BM Service?

After meeting with Bart  I had a very good feeling about him as well as the work he has done in Europe. The quality of the arenas I saw that he has built are what I wanted for my own facility.

  1. Bart, how do you do to customize your arenas for each client ?

I feel just like a chef. It is all about the right amount of ingredients and adding the right spices, although the way it is prepared also requires the necessary attention. (reed mixing the correct sand with the fibers). However just like in a top dish, the way it all comes together is very important. The success of a good footing doesn’t solely depend on the top layer, as many people think. The total build-up is what makes a good, top quality arena.

  1. Emil, what is the most important characteristic of good soil for you?

Having struggled for years with inferior footing I suffered in different ways. The main negative  is soundness issues that can be caused to your horses. If the ground is uneven or is to hard or to deep or worse yet  has inconsistent depths, injuries happen.  Another big minus for a sale facility is not being able to show your horses due to bad weather. Without proper drainage and the correct sand you may not be able to ride in the ring and safely and properly show your horses to  customers who have traveled to see them.  But still  the most important characteristic of good soil is to keep our horses sound and healthy. With a busy show schedule and many sale horses soundness is key.

  1. Bart, how did you respond to the requirements set by Mr Spadone from Red Field Farm?

The surface at Redfield Farm is used intensely as a training arena. This means that the technical specifications of the sand are very important to keep the horses sound and give them the trust to perform at their highest level. The top layer, as riders like to see it, is solid but resilient and has the same feeling throughout the whole arena. To accomplish this, it is necessary to produce a mix of different types of sand, tailored to suite these needs. Compare it with preparing a delicate dish with the right balanced ingredients.

  1. Emil, are you satisfied with the quality of the arena and the cooperation with BM Service?

I could not be happier with the arena built by BM Service it was a large investment that I worried about before hand and after the fact I can’t believe I lived  without it.

  1. Would you recommend this company?

I would 100% and have recommended  BM Service to anyone who in the equestrian field that wants to be completely satisfied with the riding arena.



This project was carried out by BM Service - Bart Manderveld with the help of LHK Projects.


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